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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tut: Garv's Girl

Garv's Girl

This tutorial was written by me on April 12, 2010 using PSP 9.  All my tutorials assume you have some working knowledge of PSP.


Tube of choice - I'm using the ever awesome Keith Garvey.  Do not use this image without the proper license.  You can purchase tubes/license at MyPSPTubes.

Scrap Kit - I'm using a great FTU kit called "Garv's Girl" from Tamie at Addictive Pleasures.  Visit her blog to download.

Mask of choice - I'm using CM Mask 3 from Vicky.  You can download this mask from Creative Misfits.  Click on Masks on the right side of  page and scrolldown to Week 3 mask challenge Diamonds.

Font of choice

Filters - DSB Flux Bright noise & Eye Candy 5 Textures 

Animation Shop

Open your tube & mask in PSP - minimize for now

1.  Open new image 700 x 700 white - copy/paste Paper 1 as new layer - go to layers - new mask layer - from image - find your mask in dropdown - ok - merge group - copy/paste Paper 8 as new layer - apply your mask again - merge group - rotate this mask layer left 45 - merge down to other mask layer

2.  Copy/paste Wire 2 as new layer - copy/paste Notepaper as new layer - resize - rotate left 30 - position - dropshadow - choose a script font write out a message - rotate left 30 - position on notepaper - convert to raster and merge down to notepaper 

3.  Copy/paste Glitter Splat 2 as new layer - resize - position in top right corner of tag - duplicate - image - mirror - image flip - merge down - dropshadow - duplicate this layer for a total of 3 - on bottom glitter layer - effects - dsb flux - bright noise settings 50 click mix 1x - on second layer - repeat effect, but click on mix 2x - on top layer repeat but click on mix 3x - close out top 2 glitter layers

4.  Copy/paste Stars as new layer - position in top left corner of tag - duplicate - image - mirror - image - flip - dropshadow both layers - merge duplicate layer down

5.  Copy/paste Bow 4 as new layer - resize - position in the center towards the top of the wire star ( see my tag) - dropshadow - copy/paste Button 2 as new layer - resize - position in center of bow - dropshadow

6.  Copy/paste Staple as new layer - resize - position so it looks like the paper is stapled to the bow ( see my tag) dropshadow

7.  Copy/paste Plate as new layer - resize - position in the center at the bottom of the wire (see my tag) - dropshadow - duplicate for a total of 3 layers

8.  Here comes the tricky part - using your magic wand click inside the letters on the plate while holding down the shift key - when you have all the letters outlined with your "ants" on the original layer making sure it is highlighted- effects - Eye Candy 5 Textures - texture noise - default settings - apply - click on your undo button - close the original and open the first duplicate layer making sure it is highlighted - repeat filter but hit your random seed button 1x - apply - open 2nd duplicate layer making sure it is highlighted and close the other - repeat filter clicking on random seed again - apply.  Close out the duplicates and open original layer

9.  Copy/paste Heart 2 as new layer - resize - position on bottom right of plate - duplicate - rotate the duplicate layer to the left 15 move down just a bit - dropshadow both layers

10.  Copy/paste your tube of choice as new layer - resize -dropshadow and position

11.  Close out background layer - crop/resize your tag to your preference - add copyright/license info and name - open background layer again


1. Open Animation Shop - In PSP making sure your original animation noise layers are open - edit copy merge - back in Animation Shop paste as new Animation - in PSP close those 2 layers and open the 1st duplicate layers - edit - copy merge - Paste after current frame - repeat these steps for the next layers .  You should now have 3 frames in Animation Shop - go to edit - select all - animation - frame properties - change to 20 - play your animation. Save as .gif.

That's it!  Thank you for trying my tutorial!!


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