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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tut: Enchantment


This tutorial was written by me on April 13, 2010 using PSP 9.  All my tutorials assume you have some knowledge of PSP and/or Animation Shop.

Supplies : 

Tube of choice - I'm using the amazing fantasy art of Selina Fenech.  Do not use without proper license.  You can purchase her tubes/license at CILM.

Scrap Kit - I'm using the PTU kit "Enchant Me" from Kelly-Jo's Scraps.  You can purchase this beautiful kit here.

Mask of Choice - I'm using a mask from Sabre called The Otherworld of Fae.  You can download from her blog here.  Just click on Masks and scroll down.

Font of choice - I'm using Flowerpot which is a PTU font

Filters - Eye Candy 4000 gradient glow

Open your tube & mask in PSP - minimize for now

** Note on resizing your elements/papers - Resize before you copy/paste into your workspace **

1.  New image - 700 x 700 white - Open Paper 2 from kit - resize to about 700 x 700 - copy/paste as new layer - go to layers - new mask layer - from image - find your mask in the dropdown - apply - merge group

2.  Open up Element 10 - resize 50% - image - rotate left 90 all layers checked - Copy/paste as new layer into workspace - using magic wand click inside frame - selections - modify - expand by 5 - Open Paper 3 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - selections - invert - delete - move below frame - leave selected - Open Element 8 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - move below frame layer - delete - selections - select none - dropshadow your frame and element layers

3.  Open Element 17 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - position in frame ( see my tag for placement ) - duplicate - move original layer below frame layer - erase any part you don't want showing - dropshadow bottom layer only

4.  Open 16 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - rotate left 90 all layers checked - image - mirror - copy/paste as new layer - position on top right corner of frame - dropshadow

5.  Open Element 3 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - position on bottom left corner of frame - duplicate - image - mirror - position on top of other leaf - dropshadow both layers

6.  Open Element 21 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - position on your tag (See mine for reference) - selections - select all - float - defloat - floodfill with #3c7752 - Selections - select none - add an inner bevel of choice - dropshadow 1,1,100,1 - add a slight gradient glow - dropshadow again

7.  Copy/paste your tube as new layer - resize - position on tag - dropshadow

8.  On mask layer - Open Element 1 - resize - copy/paste as new layer - using your deform tool stretch this layer so it is showing around all sides of frame (See my tag)

9. Close background layer - crop/resize tag to your preference - add copyright/license & name - save as .png

That's it!!  Thank you for trying my tutorial!!


Kelly-Jo said...

Great tut hun! Thanks for using my kit!!

Risha said...

Thank you so much Kelly!

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