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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tut: Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring

This tutorial was written by me on April 14, 2010 using PSP 9.  All my tutorials assume you have some knowledge of PSP and/or Animation Shop.


Tubes of choice - I'm using the adorable art of Suzanne Woolcott.  Do not use without a license.  You can purchase one here at Gorjuss Art.

Scrap Kit - I'm using a beautiful PTU kit from Alika's Scraps.  Visit her blog to find out how to purchase this kit.

Mask - EBD Mask 4 (Supplied)

My Word Art animation (Supplied)

Font of choice

Outside filters - Dynasty Plugins Rainbow Swirl, Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass

Animation Shop

To begin unzip your supplies and save in a place you can find easily.  Open your supplied mask in PSP - Open your 3 tubes in PSP and minimize all for now

1.  New image 700 x 700 white background - copy/paste Paper 22 as new layer - layers - new mask layer - from image - find your mask in dropdown - ok - merge group

2.  Copy/paste Frame of choice as new layer - resize - effects - Eye Candy Glass - under settings Clear w/ no dropshadow - apply - with magic wand, click inside each frame opening holding down Shift key - copy/paste Pastel Paper that matches your frame color ( example: I used the blue frame so I used Paper 27) - selections - invert - delete - leave selected - choose one of your tubes - copy/paste as new layer & position in first frame opening - delete - repeat for other openings using your other tubes - selections - select none - dropshadow your tube layers & frame - close background layer - merge visible - open background layer

3.   Copy/paste Tree as new layer - resize - image - mirror - position on the left side of frame and drop below your paper layer - dropshadow

4.  Copy/paste Garden flowers of choice - resize - image - duplicate - image - mirror - repeat with both colors and arrange in a row along the top of your frame layer ( See my tag for reference) - when happy - move below frame layer - close out all layers but your flower layers - merge visible - dropshadow

5.  Copy/paste Ladybug 10 and Ladybug 12 as new layers - resize - rotate on left 25 and the other right 25 - position on tag - dropshadow both layers

6.  Copy/paste Flowers 7, 8, 9 as new layers - resizing each one differently - arrange on bottom right corner of tag - merge these layers together - duplicate - image - mirror - dropshadow both layers

7.  Close background layer - crop/resize tag to your preference - add copyright/license information - open background layer

8.  Add name in your font of choice using these settings:  Foreground null, Fill #d107c9 - convert to raster - effects Dynasty Plugins Rainbow Swirl default settings - dropshadow name

9.  Open Animation Shop & find my Word Art Animation, make a note of how many frames (12) - in PSP , edit copy merge - in Animation Shop - Edit - paste as new animation - holding down Control + L , duplicate your tag for a total of 12 frames - Edit - select all - on Word Art Animation - edit - select all - edit - copy - back on your tag layers - edit - paste into Selected Frame - position and release - if you mess up just hit redo - Go to animation - frame properties - change to 30 - play your animation and if happy save as .gif

That's it!!  Thank you for trying my tutorial!!!


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All of my ideas are my original designs. Any resemblence to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
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